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Aluminium Cases - Key Features Benefits

Although a number may come as a surprise to many people, aluminium cases offer a wealth of benefits that make then ideal for a wide range of applications. These advantages ensure that every Zarges case will offer great protection and a wealth of additional features that simply cannot be achieved through the use of moulded plastic cases.

When viewed alongside the superb list of features found on Zarges aluminium cases, such as comfortable handles, stainless steel hinges and catches, foam seal in the lid and high quality welding, it makes the Zarges range an exceptional choice for almost anyone!

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Please continue reading below to see a wide range of reasons to choose one of our aluminium cases, or instead use the links on the right to see the full range of sizes, get more general information on the Zarges Eurobox range, or to begin shopping from our extensive stock holding.

Lightweight Aluminium CasesAluminium Cases are Lightweight

One of the key benefits of choosing an aluminium case is that they are exceptionally lightweight whilst remaining strong and rigid. In fact, the Zarges aluminium cases we stock at Cases UK boast a density of approximately 2.6 to 2.8 grams per cubed cm. That is only about a third of the density of steel.

Being lightweight makes aluminium cases ideal if transportation costs (due to weight – e.g. on aircraft) is an important consideration, or indeed if heavy or bulky items are to be kept in the Eurobox.


Vapour Resistant Aluminium CasesAluminium is Vapour Impermeable

Aluminium is vapour impermeable, ensuring that moisture cannot seep or diffuse through the surface of the Zarges cases. The welded construction of these aluminium cases also means that they are resistant to water vapour and, when coupled with the foam seal in the lid, will also protect against rain and being splashed.

This makes the Zarges Eurobox range a great choice for applications such as transporting sports training equipment (moisture cannot get in or out) and has seen them used extensively by sports teams including all Premier League football clubs.


Corrosion Proof Aluminium CasesAluminium is Corrosion Resistant

A common misconception about aluminium cases is that they will rust if they come into contact with water. In fact, the surface of the aluminium will oxidise, with this layer of oxide actually protecting the case from any further damage or corrosion.

As a result, Zarges aluminium Euroboxes are highly resistant to sea and saltwater, making them suitable for use when yachting, sailing, fishing or using in coastal environments.



UV Resistant Aluminium CasesResistant to UV Ray Damage

Unlike moulded plastic cases, aluminium will not be affected in any way by prolonged exposure to UV rays. The material will not degrade in terms of colour, appearance or surface lustre if exposed to the sun over any time period (although other atmospheric elements, for example dust, may have some minor impact).

This makes aluminium cases from Zarges a great choice of they are to be used in hot climates.



Strong Aluminium CasesExcellent Strength / Impact Resistance

Whilst aluminium cases will see their surfaces dented upon extreme impact, the force of this will be completely absorbed by the deformation caused. This obviously offers a good level of protection for any contents within the case, ensuring they are protecting from such impact.

As a result, Zarges Euroboxes are frequently used in industrial settings and construction projects to protect tools, equipment and heavy duty components.



Temperature Resistant Aluminium CasesResistant to Extremes of Temperature

The properties of aluminium ensure that the Zarges cases that we stock at Cases UK have the widest operational temperature range of any protective case available commercially today. The integrity or strength of the case will not be affected between -80 degrees C and 150 degrees C.

This has seen Zarges aluminium cases not only used in hot climates, but also used on polar expeditions to both the North and South poles (where their light weight has also been a key advantage).


Anti Magnetic Aluminium CasesZarges Cases are not Magnetic

Unlike other types of metal cases, the Zarges Eurobox range are not magnetic. The aluminium construction ensures that metal tools, components, equipment and products can be safely stored without worrying about electromagnetic fields damaging them.

This is particularly important for certain types of electronics and audio visual equipment, as well as a wide range of other applications.



Anti Static Aluminium CasesAluminium Case are Anti Static

As aluminium cases are a good conductor of electricity, as well as heat, it makes them perfect for protecting electronics equipment, static sensitive devices and most modern computers and electrical equipment.

When coupled with the other key benefits provided, such as strength and protection from moisture, it has seen many specialist organisations specify Zarges Euroboxes to protect their important electronics equipment when in transit or on location.


Easy Clean Aluminium CasesAluminium Case are Hygienic

Yet another key benefit of aluminium is its hygienic nature. The smooth surfaces mean that aluminium cases are very easy to keep clean, whilst ensuring that they do not retain odours from the environment either.

This, alongside the resistance to moisture, is one of the main reasons Zarges cases are chosen to transport sports equipment (which will often be muddy and wet) and also why many medical companies will use them over moulded plastic cases.


Recyclable Aluminium CasesZarges Case are Fully Recyclable

Finally, aluminium is completely recyclable. Unlike moulded plastic, at the end of the cases’ life it can be melted down and re used. This is obviously an important contribution to reducing the strain on raw materials and reducing carbon footprints.




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