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Anti Static Correx Packaging


Conductive Correx offering a wealth of benefits

Cases UK are proud to know stock a range of anti static packaging and handling products manufactured from Corriplast. Aslo known as conductive Correx, it offers all of the benefits of using a fluted plastic material with additional protection from electro static discharge.

The materials hard wearing nature and controlled path for static to ground makes it particularly suited to multi trip and handling applications, or where a more durable solution than coated corrugated cardboard is required. Products manufactured from Corriplast also tend to be cheaper and lighter than moulded plastic equivalents.

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How It Works...

Corriplast is manufactured in the same way as standard Correx but with one crucial difference – the inclusion of carbon to the polymer at the extrusion stage. This creates a static shield – a Faraday cage – which channels any static charges around the outside of the packaging keeping items stored within safe and protected.

Being a type of corrugated plastic board based on Polypropylene / Ethylene copolymers, a combination providing maximum durability and reusability, conductive Corriplast is also chemically unreactive and is biologically inert as well (making it as eco friendly as possible).

Besides this, there is no release of any noxious fumes from ambient temperatures (as with some other types of conductive plastics) and, although Corriplast is inert and can be regarded as harmless, certain boards do contain additives which could be harmful if ingested. They are however completely safe to handle under normal conditions with no requirement for protective clothing.

So why choose conductive Correx?

As you are likely to already know, static charges are commonplace in our everyday environment. These charges can and frequently do cause damage or alter the effective operation / lifespan of practically all forms of electronic equipment. Within many manufacturing industries, ESD (electrostatic discharge) can damage many electrical parts and components, including CPUs, PCBs, microchips, electronic assemblies and circuit boards, often beyond repair. Conductive Corriplast, as well as being a robust material, allows for a controlled anti static path to ground.

Besides Corriplasts’ anti static properties, it also offers additional physical benefits. It is durable, hard wearing and can be printed on to add branding, labelling and identification if required. It’s smooth, easy to clean surfaces also make it perfect for clean room applications and medical institutions, whilst its’ lightweight structure and competitive pricing ensure it is the preferred material choice across multiple industries.

The ease with which Corriplast can be fabricated into packaging and handling products also ensures that any of the Corstat conductive cardboard range of products at Cases UK can be sourced in Corriplast instead. So if you are looking for a more durable solution, please contact us to request a quote or discuss your specific application.

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Advantages of using Corriplast

  • Excellent conductive properties (ideal for protection of electronics)
  • Long lasting and hard wearing
  • Rigid and strong, yet lighter than moulded plastics
  • Wide choice of products held in stock
  • Custom designs available on request
  • Perfect for clean room applications such as laboratories and medical institutions
  • A highly controlled manufacturing process guarantees both high performance and high quality.
  • Low shedding and easy to clean

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