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Corstat Conductive Fibreboard


The leading conductive corrugated fibreboard

Corstat has long been regarded as the leading option for high performance anti-static packaging. Offering exceptional protection from ESD (electro static discharge) and available in a vast range of sizes and differing product types (boxes, bins, reel racks etc.) its versatility, performance and low cost have seen Corstat used extensively throughout the electronics and manufacturing industries.

It provides both a clean, environmentally sound and long lasting to solution to the control of static charges, is safe to use, light in weight and is a genuinely cost effective option. 

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What is Corstat?

Corstat is effectively corrugated cardboard – used in standard packaging – with a special carbon coating applied to the surfaces. This ensures that Corstat offers all of the benefits of standard cardboard packaging, but just with added protection.

Different grades of boards can be coated allowing for cheaper, lighter or stronger properties, depending on the application, and it is easily fabricated into a wide range of packaging designs. It also means it is light in weight, can be stacked and used together on pallets and in transit, has good structural strength and – perhaps most importantly – is a cost effective option (particularly for single trip applications). 

How does it Work?

The coated Corstat board protects from static charges in a number of ways. It provides a buried shielding layer sealed surface, creating an effective, controlled path to ground for static charges. In essence, it creates a Faraday cage, diverting and electrical charges around the outside of the packaging which in turn protects the items inside.

This level of protection can be further enhanced through the addition of pink anti-static or conductive foam inserts, which are optional on a wide range of the Corstat products.

This ESD protection is utilised across a wide range of products – from chip boxes to transit packs, stackable totes to reel racks and divider sets to layer pads. We are also able to make custom packaging solutions from Corstat – please contact us today should you have a bespoke requirement or upcoming project.

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Advantages of using anti-static cardboard packaging

  • Exceptional ESD protection
  • Varying specifications / board grades for different applications
  • High levels of durability and reliability
  • Bespoke engineered products on request
  • Wide range of stock products for next day despatch
  • Stackable and ideal for transit applications
  • Viable alternative to injection moulded products
  • Can be enhanced through the addition of foams and inserts
  • Extensive stock holding for short lead times

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