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Custom Foam Insert Manufacture

If you need the highest level of protection for high valuable tools, products or equipment, Cases UK can design and manufacture custom foam inserts that will be perfectly tailored to your product.  Our experienced design team can even calculate the exact levels of cushioning offered by our foam inserts, ensuring the optimum level of protection against shock, impact, vibration and mishandling during transit.

When combined with our great range of standard protective cases, plus our custom flight cases, our bespoke foam inserts offer truly exceptional protection. With the option for different coloured foams, laser etching of branding and highly intricate profiles, our foam inserts can also be used for presentation and sample cases for salesmen and business presentations.

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Please continue reading below for further details on the benefits offered by custom foam inserts, or click the links above to request a free, no obligation quote from our expert team.

Custom Foam Inserts In Use

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Why Use Cases UK?

Rather than being just another case supplier, at Cases UK our design team have wealth of knowledge and experience in creating exceptional foam insert solutions. By utsing our foam fabrication services, you can benefit from:

  • Free, no obligation quotes
  • Expert design service
  • Calculated levels of cushioning protection
  • Competitive costs and very low order volumes
  • Quick manufacture and delivery
  • Cost reductions through eradication of damages during transit
  • Branding through laser etching
  • Wide choice of colours and finishes
  • Anti static, flame resistive and conductive foam options

Advantages of Custom Foam Interiors

Whilst custom foam inserts are more costly than standard pick and pluck foams (which are available on all our Peli Storm Cases), they do offer a wide range of benefits and advantages. Nearly always the primary reason for manufacturing bespoke foam inserts is for the higher level of protection, with the foam being perfectly tailored to match the products to be placed within the case interior. This foam will then absorb any impact, shock or vibration of the case is dropped or mishandled.

Our design team can even use the latest performance software to calculate the exact thickness and density of foam required to protect a specific object (such as specialist tools, components or equipment).

Besides this, custom foam inserts can also be used for parts identification (it is easy to see if a tool is missing from the case for example) and coloured foams also allow branding and are ideal for presenting products too. In fact, many of our custom foam inserts are used in salesman sample cases to showcase products to potential clients.

  • Perfect fit between case, foam and product
  • Eliminate movement of products within a case during transit
  • Easy identification of specific items within sets (e.g. tools or components)
  • Enhanced presentation of products through coloured foams and branding
  • Reduction or elimination of damages in transit (and associated cost savings)
  • Can be created to fit any exterior case (including Storm and Zarges cases offered by Cases UK)

As well as custom foam inserts, Cases UK can also offer custom flight cases - giving you the option of a completely tailored solution. Please click below to find out more about our custom flight cases.

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Applications and Industries Utilising Foam Inserts

Do to the high levels of protection offered by our foam inserts, they are widely used throughout a range of specialist industries:

  • Aerospace, automotive and specialist engineering
  • Medical and metrological sectors
  • Surveying
  • Marine and offshore oil and gas industries
  • Motorsport
  • Reusable packaging and supply chain
  • Sales and sample presentation
  • Any application that uses high value or fragile equipment or components


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If you are looking for the highest level of protection for your products or equipment, then why not get a free, no obligation quote from Cases UK for custom foam inserts.

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