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Following the recent re-launch of the Cases UK website, we are pleased to announce that our website is now fully mobile ready! Having spoken with a number of our customers who were finding the old site tricky to navigate on their phones, we made the decision to create a mobile optimised version of the site.

Browse Anywhere!

The key benefit that the mobile Cases UK website offers is the ability to browse our range of cases and shop online wherever you are! On your way to job and realised you need a case for your tools – no problem! Lying on the beach and wondering how to protect the new camera you just purchased? Let us help! The only limit is your phone signal!

Whilst we can only ship to UK addresses currently, being able to place orders on your phone or mobile device, when coupled with our next day delivery service, ensures we can be completely responsive to your needs. Never let your important items go unprotected again – get a protective case from Cases UK whenever you need it!

Advantages for Mobile Browsers.

As well as being able to order from wherever you are, the new mobile Cases UK website offers a number of additional benefits. Text and images will now resize to the size of screen you are using, meaning no more squinting and zooming to read tiny writing! Menus, links and forms will also adapt to make the experience as straightforward and easy as possible.

As well as this, we have also made our regular newsletters responsive too! Sign up to receive our emails (there is a link on the bottom of every page of our site) and you can keep up to date will all of the latest product releases, special offers, discounts, competitions and much more besides.

These emails will also resize themselves to fit your devices screen – so whether you are reading them on your work laptop or your iPhone, you can still clearly see how we can offer the best range of protective cases available today.

Additional Website Features. Responsive Cases UK Website

The other great features that we added to the new Cases UK website are of course available on the mobile version as well. This includes the wishlist and compare features, the ability to read and submit customer reviews, detailed product images, full lists of and table of sizes and easy ways to get in touch.

If you are still using your desktop then don’t worry – the new Cases UK website works just as well on large screens as it does on smaller ones! But if you are reading this, you probably already know that!

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