Protect your device and documents from theft as well as water, dust and impact with a lockable laptop case

Lockable laptop caseWith increased recent reports of cyber-crime, hacking and data security (or lack of), many people focus is on how to secure their files and important information from being compromised. However, many individuals often neglect the crudest form of data loss – having a physical device or laptop stolen.

This however is where Cases UK can help. Offering perhaps the most advanced lockable laptop case ever manufactured! As well as providing means to lock the case with devices of your choice (a huge range of key and combination padlocks can be used) the Peli Storm iM2370 laptop case also offers a wealth of other security benefits and can even help protect from losing important information through damage to your equipment.

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Benefits of a locking laptop case

Whilst it may seem obvious, the benefits of keeping your laptop within a locked case are many and varied. Perhaps the key reason is to deter theft, with opportunistic thieves much less likely to take a case that is clearly locked and extremely difficult to get into. The knock on effect of this, as well the cost savings from having to replace the device, is the security of any data kept on the laptop, tablet or notebook.

It is also not uncommon for important paper documents or discs to be kept with laptops which, if a standard laptop case is lost or stolen, will also become compromised. As well as theft however, it also means that if the locking laptop case is accidentally left on the train, at a café or is simply mislaid, there is a much lower likelihood that any information or data will be compromised. This also applies if the case is out of sight – for example whilst luggage handlers are loading it into the hold of an aircraft.

Additional features & benefits of Peli Laptop Cases

Locking laptop caseDespite how important a feature the ability to lock the Peli Storm iM2370 case is, it is only one of the many benefits to be gained from using what is arguably the toughest laptop case available today. The super tough exterior shell not only protects from shock and impact (being dropped or even run over) but also makes the case completely watertight. This is great news if the case is left outside in the rain, used on board a boat or even has a drink spilt over it.

Besides this, the case has a wide number of usability benefits. Every Peli Storm iM2370 case features a pick and pluck foam insert which can be tailored to the size / shape of any laptop or device, and provides additional cushioning. It also allows for peripherals such as mice, cables and power-packs to be kept organised within the case.

An integrated lid stay is also included (meaning the device can be used in the case, plus a lid organiser to keep a range of documents safe and organised too. This is coupled with a soft grip handle and easy to use catches.

Finally – and as if all this wasn’t enough – the case also comes complete with a full lifetime guarantee! Break it (unlikely in itself) and it will be repaired or replaced free of charge, no questions asked.

Other applications for Peli Storm cases

Besides the lockable laptop case, there are a wide range of other protective cases in the Peli Storm range. All sharing the same features such as being ultra-tough, waterproof, near impossible to break, providing foam interior cushioning and boasting a lifetime guarantee, they are the number one choice for a huge range of activities, industries and organisations.

There are dedicated gun and rifle cases in the range, whilst their waterproof properties make them exceptionally popular amongst divers, yachtsmen, canoeists, fishermen and anyone with a passion for water-sports. As they are also superb at protecting delicate, expensive or highly calibrated items, they are also frequently used for storing and transporting items such as cameras, surveying equipment, electronic devices, models, quad-copters and practically anything you can think of!

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