Cases UK offer a wide range of scuba diving cases that offer exceptional performance and features.

Waterproof CasesWorried about keeping your camera, iPad, laptop or expensive equipment dry? Don’t have enough storage space on the boat? Looking for a way to transport your wet kit home without soaking your car’s interior? Then luckily, Cases UK can help, with a great range of scuba diving cases!

We are able to offer a range of protective cases that are waterproof even when fully submerged, and are also extra tough, strong, light and easy to use. Also known as dry cases or waterproof cases, we are certain we will have the perfect case whatever it is you are looking to protect.

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Waterproof cases available at Cases UK

We are proud to offer the market leading Peli Storm waterproof cases. These waterproof cases, which are perfect for scuba diving and indeed all water sports and activities, offer exceptional protection from water, moisture and anything that could damage your equipment.

These scuba diving cases have in fact been tested to military standards, meaning that whether the case gets splashed, sprayed or even completely submerged, it will keep the contents safe and dry. Peli Storm cases are available in a wide selection of sizes and can be specified either with or without pick and pluck foam inserts which can add another layer of protection and cushioning for delicate items.

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Benefits of our dry cases

Scuba diving casesThe number of benefits offered by our dry cases is almost too long to list! Made from an ultra-tough, HPX resin polymer, as well as being completely watertight they are also practically impossible to break! The manufacturers are so confident that these waterproof scuba diving cases will not break that each and every one comes with a full, no quibble lifetime guarantee! If you somehow break it, it will be repaired or replaced absolutely free of charge!

Besides this, the waterproof cases we stock are easy and comfortable to use. QAs well as being relatively light, the larger heavier cases come with inline wheels and a pull out handle to make transportation even easier. All cases come with easy ti use press and pull latches, and all of them can be padlocked – perfect if the case needs to go in the hold of an aircraft or other form of transport.

This range of benefits and features means that the Peli Storm cases are just at great for taking sailing, yachting, canoeing, water skiing or even to the beach, as well as being the leading scuba diving cases.

Scuba Diving and other applications

Dry CasesScuba diving is defined as a form of underwater diving in which a diver uses a self contained underwater breathing apparatus (where the acronym scuba comes from) to breathe underwater.
There is a vast range of equipment available on the market today that needs protection, with scuba equipment being either open circuit (in which exhaled gas is expelled to the surroundings), or a closed or semi-closed circuit rebreather (in which the breathing gas is scrubbed to remove carbon dioxide, and the oxygen used is replenished from a supply of feed gas before being re-breathed).

However, besides the scuba diving equipment itself, it is common for additional equipment to be taken out on dives. Items such as cameras, smartphones, tablets, laptops and navigation equipment are usually essential or highly desirable, and all of which need protecting. This where the Peli Storm cases prove invaluable.

One final point that is often neglected is the fact these waterproof cases also keep water in as well as out. This means they are superb for transporting wet equipment, wetsuits and other items home without soaking the interior of your car or vehicle!

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