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Peli Storm Case Features & Unique Benefits

The list of Peli Storm Case features is widely regarded as being the most comprehensive of any protective waterproof case available today. Every aspect of the case has been researched, developed and perfected to ensure that Peli Storm Cases really are as secure yet easy to use as possible.

When this is coupled with the superb levels of protection that are offered by these cases it is clear to see why so many professionals and hobbyists will always choose a Peli Storm Case. Resistant to being crushed, impact, shock and vibration, plus being a genuine waterproof case, the Peli Storm case range provides all of this whilst remaining lightweight and boasting its vast array of features.

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Please continue reading below for full information on each of the key Peli Storm Case features, or alternatively use the links on the right for a full size guide, general information or to shop for Peli Storm cases from our extensive stock range.

Peli Storm Case HandleHandles

The handles of protective case are, surprisingly, often neglected during the design and development process. Not so with Peli Storm Case handles however, which ensure that these waterproof cases are exceptionally comfortable to carry.

Ergonomically developed to provide an easy grip for the user, the Storm Case handles also offer a dual layer, soft touch coating for added comfort. This coating is remarkably durable as well, meaning the handles of a Peli Storm Case will not wear out or degrade with prolonged use.


Vortex Pressure Relief ValveVortex Pressure Relief Valve

Many protective cases feature a pressure relief valve, but the Storm case range takes this feature to the next level. Unlike rival cases, where the valve has to be adjusted manually (and can even be unscrewed completely – often becoming lost) the Vortex valve found on Peli Storm cases automatically adjusts and equalises the pressure between the inside and outside of the case.

This proves to be of great benefit if the case is submerged for a prolonged period, used in high altitude locations, or stored in the hold of an aircraft.


Inline WheelsInline Wheels

The larger cases in the Peli Storm Case range feature inline wheels to further aid their transportation. Integrated into the body of the case to avoid them becoming damaged, plus helping the case to retain its sleek design and outer dimensions, the Storm Case wheels provide a smooth action when pulling the case – even over rough terrain.

This feature can be particularly useful when transporting Peli Storm Cases manually over prolonged periods or distances, especially with heavy contents.



Telescopic HandleTelescopic Handle

In addition to the inline wheels on the larger Peli Storm cases, any case that benefits from these will also feature a telescopic, retractable handle to further aid transportation. This means that the case can be easily pulled when being transported manually, without affecting the outer design or size of the case.

This is yet another example of the thought that has gone into making the Peli Storm Cases easy to use whilst not compromising the levels of strength and protection.



Moulded Stacking RibsMoulded Stacking Ribs

Every Peli Storm Case features a special design which is moulded into the outer shell of the case, which effectively allows the case to be securely stacked together during transit. These “stacking ribs” reduce the risk of the Peli Storm cases colliding with each other during transit, plus provide obvious health and safety benefits.

It also means that multiple cases can be used to create an integrated transit system, with a network of cases used to safely store a number of differing items.



Padlockable HaspsPadlockable Hasps

Security is an obvious concern when transporting expensive, delicate, rare or specialist items, and Peli Storm Cases have this covered. All of the cases in the range have padlockable hasps moulded into the exterior shell of the case which the end user can attach their own lock too.

This is particularly important and useful if the Peli Storm case will be out of reach for any length of time (e.g left on site, in the hold of an aircraft etc.) or if particularly expensive or sensitive items are to be kept within the case. As such, this is a feature which is particularly useful on the Peli gun cases and hard laptop case.


Pick & Pluck FoamPick and Pluck Foam

Each of the Peli Storm Cases come with the option of cubed foam inserts (except the gun case range which includes these as standard). Also known as “pick and pluck” foam, the foam insert is divided into layers, and then further divided into one cm cubes which can be removed as required by the end user.

The key benefit of this is that the foam can be perfectly tailored to specific items, reducing movement in transit and adding a layer of cushioning protection. The foam can also be configured to allow for multiple items to be organised and stored within the same Storm case.


Press & Pull LatchesPress and Pull Latches

Another of the highly acclaimed Peli Storm Case features is their innovative press and pull latches. These have been designed in such a way that, as well as being exceptionally easy to open, will not become jammed shut or frozen in extremely cold conditions (as can be the case with other protective cases).

Smaller cases feature two of these latches to the sides of the case, whilst the largest cases in the range can feature 5 or more for additional security.



Hinges and FeetHinges / Feet

The design of the hinges on the Peli Storm cases provides 2 key benefits. Firstly, they open extremely smoothly when compared with alternative moulded cases on the market, ensuring that items are not damaged by opening the case too quickly.

Secondly, the way the hinges are integrated into the case with feet also means that as well being almost impossible to damage, they help the case to be freestanding even on rough terrain.


Anti Shear TeethAnti Shear Teeth

All of the cases in the Peli Storm range feature what are known as “anti shear” teeth moulded into the construction of the lid and base. These teeth play an important role in ensuring that, should the case be dropped from any height, the lid does not become out of line or shift during the impact (with the knock on effect this would have for damaging the hinges).

This is a little known feature, but one which helps to make the cases even harder to damage.



HPX ResinHPX Resin

The material that the Peli Storm cases are made from is a key feature itself. The ultra tough HPX resin polymer that is used during the injection moulding process ensures that all of the Storm cases are very strong, rigid and durable, whilst remaining remarkably light. This makes them crushproof, resistant to shock and practically unbreakable!

The other key benefit is that the Peli Storm cases are all water and dust proof (IP rated). By being a true waterproof case (backed up by the rigorous military testing) it makes the case perfect for keeping sensitive items dry too.


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