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Rose Plastic Cases Overview

Lightweight plastic cases, such as those supplied by Cases UK, are a great choice for a wide range of personal and professional applications. The Ergoline range of plastic cases, manufactured by Rose Plastic, are widely regarded as amongst the most cost effective yet high quality plastic presentation cases available today.

Being perfect for everything from salesman samples cases all the way through to protecting tools, models, toys and hobby equipment, the Rose Plastic range of plastic cases are certain to keep your important items safe, dry and protected.

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Plastic Case Options

The plastic cases we supply at Cases UK can be enhanced in a number of ways. Key amongst these is the use of custom foam inserts to create a fully bespoke presentation case that can be used for salesmen to perfectly present samples and products and sales meetings. However, using foam inserts in these plastic cases offers a much wider range of possibilities – from tool sets to protection for specialist equipment,  components and indeed anything that needs protecting.

For more information on our custom foam inserts, please click the link at the top of the page.

Besides this, if a larger number of cases are required we can also offering a case printing service. Adding branding, company logos and identification can all enhance the already attractive appearance of these plastic cases, making you company stand out from the crowd. For smaller quantities however, the smooth label area can allow for low cost branding to be applied without sacrificing the overall appearance.

Benefits of Plastic Cases

The overwhelming benefit of lightweight plastic cases such as those in the Ergoline range is the cost. Being extremely competitive when compared with the heavy duty alternatives, it offers a truly cost effective solution where the level of protection does not need to be quite so high.

Despite this, the injection moulded polypropylene construction of these plastic cases ensures that they are still hardwearing and long lasting, making them a long term solution to a range of requirements.

Finally, the attractive aesthetics of these plastic cases means they are ideal for use as presentation cases. Used for salesmen samples and for presenting products either in a business to business or retail environment, their appearance ensures they will not look out of place at any important meeting or presentation.

Plastic Case Features

The Ergoline range of plastic cases feature a wide range of features that set them apart from alternative lightweight presentation cases. They boast sturdy hinges which are cleverly integrated into the main body of the case, vastly reducing the possibility of them failing or becoming damages, with these also doubling as feet to enable the case to be free standing if required.

The snap shut catches are also well designed, being very secure yet easy to use even after many operations. The integrated handle is also ergonomically designed and comfortable to use, whilst these plastic cases can also be easily stacked thanks to the design of the exterior.

There is also a smooth label area (that can be printed onto) which can be used for branding and / or instructions, that when coupled with the striking aesthetics ensures that these plastic cases will not look out of place at any business meeting or sales presentation.

Key Uses & Applications

The plastic cases we supply at Cases UK are frequently used in a wide variety of applications and industry sectors

  • Salesman sample cases & business presentations
  • Delicate equipment & components
  • Hobby equipment
  • Models, craft equipment and components
  • Protection for tool sets and parts
  • Saw blades, drill bits, screwdrivers, spanners etc.
  • Sales presentations and sample cases
  • Sports equipment (e.g. darts, golf balls, footwear studs etc.,)
  • Fishing gear, bait, lures and equipment
  • Shipping of delicate items within an outer container for additional protection.

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