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Zarges Cases

Zarges Cases Overview

Zarges case are quite simply the leading aluminium cases available on the market today. Boasting a huge range of useful and innovative features, whilst still providing exceptional protection, the Zarges Eurobox range in particular is perfect for a huge range of professional and personal applications.

With 10 different sizes in the range, including specialist tool boxes that can be customised with additional trays and inserts, there is a Zarges case to suit any environment or use. When you also take into account that Zarges cases are manufactured in Germany, itself a strong indication of quality, then you can be certain you are getting an aluminium case of the highest quality.

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Zarges Cases in Action

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Zarges Aluminium Case Key Benefits

The use of aluminium to manufacture cases has a number of benefits over traditional moulded plastic cases, and Zarges cases are no different. Aluminium cases are light yet sturdy, will absorb impact and shock keep items within safe and secure.

Surprisingly to many, Zarges cases are also non magnetic and will not suffer from corrosion. A small layer of oxidisation will occur on the surface if it comes into contact with moisture, but this then forms a protective barrier preventing any further corrosion or rust from occurring.

Other key advantages of Zarges aluminium cases include being resistant to UV rays, being almost completely immune to fluctuations in temperature (between -80 degrees C and 150 degrees C – making them perfect for polar expeditions) and being fully recyclable too.

For a full list of benefits offered by aluminium cases, please view our aluminium cases page by clicking the link below.

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Zarges Eurobox Features

All Zarges cases, but particularly the Eurobox range, showcase a wide variety of useful features that enhance an already good case to become a great one. Each Zarges case will offer easy and comfortable to use handles, stainless steel hinges and catches that snap shut, plus a foam seal in the lid to ensure that dust and moisture will not enter the case. The cases can also be padlocked for additional security of required.

Besides this, Zarges cases also boast moulded stacking corners. These not only allow multiple cases to be easily and securely stacked together, but also offer additional protection to the corners if the case should be dropped or suffer from violent impact.

Finally, the high quality beading and welding also ensure that Zarges cases are very easy to clean (another benefit of using aluminium too). This makes the Zarges Eurobox range a great choice for medical applications and clean room environments.

Common Uses & Applications

Offering such a wide range of features and benefits, Zarges cases are suitable for an array of applications and uses. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Sports kit & equipment (Premier League football teams)
  • Military and armed forces
  • Law enforcement agencies
  • Extreme environments, including polar expeditions
  • Huge range of specialist industries such as aerospace, automotive & engineering
  • Clean room and medical applications
  • Transportation and storage of specialist tools & equipment
  • Shipping items internationally by air
  • Heavy duty tool boxes

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Certification & Standards

Another excellent feature of Zarges cases is that they are ATA approved. This effectively means that they are certified to safely ship equipment and products by air transportation, and have been approved to the ATA (Airline Transit Authority) standards for packaging and cases.

This specification establishes and measures requirements for the design, development and even procurement of effective packaging supplies to be used in air freight, ensuring the cases are effective for upwards of 100 round trips.

Certain Zarges cases are also produced to meet UN requirements for hazardous goods (Code UN 4B). Please contact us should you be looking to source UN approved cases.

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